Founded on September 2021 and headquartered in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India, Kues Innovation started off when a learned hard-of-hearing team approached Unisem for help with various solutions. In the midst of all that was happening, the Unisem team saw a dream that transformed these solutions into KUES INNOVATION. We at Kues are focused on empowering the challenged populace. From the house of Unisem Electronics, Kues Innovation is chartered with creating and developing trailblazing products that aid the challenged population, controlling their surroundings and improving their quality of life.


We believe that all our senses gather and provide unique information that our brain combines and interprets the happenings in our surroundings thus aiding in survival and quality of life. The absence of even one can cause a tumble in life. At Kues, we help in filling such absences in the challenged population and help them lead a quality life.
Kues Innovations augments its innovation driven product portfolio through strategic partnerships for ideation, technology development, product design, commercial production apart from marketing and distribution.
Kues looks into the issues and challenges of communities all around the world. We are addressing the lack of awareness and affordability that poses the main obstacles that the challenged community faces at the present. We are creating affordable products and maximizing our reach so that all are aware of it. In solving these hurdles, Kues strives to accomplish our vision of empowering the challenged populace
Kues Innovations is strategized to focus on conceptualizing, developing and bringing to market, innovative electronic products, for consumer and industrial applications.
Knowledge and Facilities of Unisem for developing optimised design,technology and production partnerships as well as distribution network.
Experienced Team with capabilities from design to prototype development to mass production.
Expertise of developing multiple inovative product designs as part of Unisem's ODM services.
Innovative FIRST product -SEER - an AI powered device to aid the hearing and speech impaired ready for launch!.
We are hear for you